Summer is here, and we want to help you stay on track with reading Scripture! Every year we do a Summer Bible Reading Challenge that goes from June 1st – August 1st. This year, we have a couple of different options for those who have participated in this challenge before.

We are describing each of these options as "Starter Kits," which are designed to take you through some of the basics of Scripture to help give you a deeper understanding of the story of Jesus and the Gospel. They are set up to where you are given two chapters to read each day, with weekends off in case you miss a day or two and need to catch up.

Click one of the two links below to pick your plan!

Christianity Basics Starter Kit:

If you are new to faith or just haven’t read much of the Bible, then this plan is for you! This plan will take you through the life of Jesus and the early church, as well as two of the letters written by Paul, who was a missionary largely responsible for the growth of the church. The books in this plan are Luke, Acts, Romans, and Colossians.

Click here to download this plan.

Old Testament Starter Kit:

If you have been following Jesus awhile and just want to know more of Scripture, then this plan is a great place to start! This plan will take you through the first few books of the Bible, highlighting many of the key stories that set the tone for Jesus and give you a deeper understanding for the bigger picture of God’s story. The books included in this plan are all of Genesis, most of Exodus, and parts of Numbers.

Click here to download this plan.