Need help figuring out how to help someone grow? Or maybe you just want to learn more about yourself. Either way, this page has several great resources that are designed to evaluate areas to grow and how you can grow closer to Jesus.

Chi Alpha Basics Assessment: Discipleship Assessment Tool PDF | WORD
Sacred Pathways: How Do You Connect With God? PDF | WORD
Five Love Languages: Discover How You Give And Receive Love PDF | WORD
Color Code Assessment: Discover How You Relate To Others PDF | WORD
What Is Bugging You? Discover What God Wants To Say To You PDF | WORD
Where I Am Right Now: A Personal Evaluation PDF | WORD
Family Evaluation: Taking A Fresh Look At How Our God Concept Is Formed PDF | WORD
Kids In A Tree: How Are You Doing Spiritually? PDF | WORD
Disordered Eating Self-Evaluation PDF | WORD