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Need some help writing your next Life Group study or one on one? Here are some great resources for you to adapt to your group or person to help them grow closer to Christ.

Basics Of Faith
A Call To Follow:
What It Means To Make Jesus Our Lord PDF | WORD
God The Father: Understanding The Father And His Role In The Trinity PDF | WORD
Jesus The Christ: Understanding Jesus’ Specific Role And Purpose For Coming To Earth PDF | WORD
The Holy Spirit: Understanding How God Interacts With Us Now PDF | WORD
A Beginner’s Bible Study: Discovering What Walking With Jesus Is All About PDF | WORD

Bible Study Methods
Letting The Bible Transform Our Thinking: How To Get The Most From Scripture PDF | WORD
How To Do A SOAP Bible Study: A Structured And Easy Approach To Studying Scripture PDF | WORD
How To Do A Manuscript Bible Study: A Method For Studying The Epistles PDF | WORD
Philemon Manuscript: Sample Manuscript For Studying The Epistles PDF | WORD

Books Of The Bible Studies
8-Week Study On 1 John: How To Love Like Jesus PDF | WORD
6-Week Study On Colossians:
How To Live With Jesus At The Center PDF | WORD

Community & Spiritual Friendship
Real Community:
Life Group Study On Acts 2:42-47 PDF | WORD
Developing Spiritual Friendships: Building Christ-Centered Friendships With The People Around You PDF | WORD
How To Love People & Resolve Conflict: Forgive, Stop Sinning, And Start Serving Others PDF | WORD
Seven Things That Kill Community: Remaining Family When We Don’t Get Along PDF | WORD
What Kind Of Commitment Should We Have? To Church, Chi Alpha, And Life Group? PDF | WORD

Decision Making & Discernment
Discerning God’s Will: Making Decisions Using The Path Of Wisdom PDF | WORD
Decision Making: 6-8-10 Principles From 1 Corinthians PDF | WORD
Choosing A Career/Major: How Do I Figure Out What God Wants Me To Do With My Life? PDF | WORD

Devotional Life
Establishing A Consistent Relationship With God:
Remain In Jesus And Being Transformed Daily PDF | WORD
Sabbath: Reclaiming God’s Rest For Our Lives PDF | WORD
Five Minutes A Day Will Change Your Life: Learning To Hear God’s Voice Through Scripture PDF | WORD
Plan For Spending Time Alone With Jesus: Structuring Your Focus With God This Month PDF | WORD
Planning A Week In Prayer: Plan For Making Your Prayer List Less Overwhelming PDF | WORD

How To Tell People About Jesus:
Confronting Your Fear And Trusting God PDF | WORD
God Space: Creating An Environment For Spiritual Conversations PDF | WORD
The Engel Scale: The Complete Process Of Evangelism And Discipleship PDF | WORD
Developing Your Testimony: Learning How To Share Your Story PDF | WORD
Summarizing The Gospel In 30 Seconds: Sharing What Christianity Is All About PDF | WORD

Finances & Stewardship
Steps To Making And Living On A Budget: Stewarding Your God-Given Resources PDF | WORD
Going Beyond The Tithe: The Privilege of Giving PDF | WORD
Tithing Q&A: Frequently Asked Questions About Giving Back To God PDF | WORD
31 Tips For Saving Money: Creative Ways To Reduce Your Spending PDF | WORD

Holy Spirit & Spiritual Gifts
Empowered To Witness: What Does It Mean To Be Baptized In The Holy Spirit? PDF | WORD
Spiritual Gifts And The Body Of Christ: A Study On The Gifts Of The Spirit PDF | WORD
Baptism In The Holy Spirit Q&A: Frequently Asked Questions PDF | WORD
Spiritual Gifts And The Kingdom Of God: Living A Spirit-Filled Life PDF | WORD
What Does It Mean To Be Filled With The Spirit? Relying On The Holy Spirit In The Day-To-Day PDF | WORD

The Courage To Be You: A Biblical Understanding Of Who You Are In Christ PDF | WORD
Authenticity: A Spiritual Journey: Excerpt From “The Gift Of Being Yourself” PDF | WORD
Our New Identity: Study On 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 PDF | WORD
The Christian’s Scriptural Identity And Position: Scriptures That Form The Foundation Of Your True Identity In Christ PDF | WORD
The Heart Of An Orphan Vs. The Heart Of A Son: Allowing God To Transform Your Heart PDF | WORD

Mentoring, One On Ones, & Counseling
Becoming Free:
Allowing God To Transform Our Thinking PDF | WORD
Taking Thoughts Captive: Getting Free From What’s Holding You Back PDF | WORD
Loss: Finding Hope And Healing In The Midst Of Grief PDF | WORD

Surviving And Thriving During Christmas Break:
Avoiding Old Patterns When Returning Home PDF | WORD
Becoming Fishers Of Men: Study For The First Week Of Spring Semester PDF | WORD
Choosing A Home Church: Finding A New Community When You Leave College PDF | WORD

Prayer, Fasting, & Worship
Why Pray? PDF | WORD
Channels Of Communication: Discover How God Is Speaking To You Right Now PDF | WORD
Listening To God: Distinguishing God’s Voice From Everything Else PDF | WORD
The Key To Drawing Near To God: The Three Directions Worship Causes Us To Look PDF | WORD
What The New Testament Has To Say About Prayer PDF | WORD
The Power Of Praying Scripture: Praying Through The Promises Of God PDF | WORD
Walking In Darkness: What To Do In A “Dry Season” With God PDF | WORD
A Biblical Framework For Fasting: Setting Aside Our Needs To Satisfy Our Spiritual Hunger PDF | WORD

Sex & Dating
Sexual Purity:
Setting Up Guardrails In Dating Relationships PDF | WORD
Fourteen Ways To Conquer Lust: Overcoming The Spiritual Battle For Our Hearts PDF | WORD
Getting Ready And Keeping Steady: Some Thoughts On Dating PDF | WORD
A Girl’s Guide To Marrying Well: Guidelines For Singleness, Dating, And Deciding Who To Marry PDF | WORD
A Guy’s Guide To Marrying Well: Guidelines For Singleness, Dating, And Deciding Who To Marry PDF | WORD
Relating To Guys In A Way That Pleases God: A Life Group Study For Girls PDF | WORD
Relating To Girls In A Way That Pleases God: A Life Group Study For Guys PDF | WORD

Sin, Temptation, & Forgiveness
Dealing With Temptation: Saying “No” To Your Old Way Of Life PDF | WORD
Ever Need Forgiveness? Walking In Forgiveness Based On Truth PDF | WORD
Six Facts Of What Forgiveness Is All About: Freeing Ourselves To Love Well PDF | WORD
Forgiveness And Healing: Forgiving Others So We Can Be Free PDF | WORD
Forgiveness Prayer: A Prayer For Someone Who Has Hurt You PDF | WORD
What Do We Do With Guilt And Condemnation: Trusting In The Truth Of God’s Word PDF | WORD

Time Management
Planning Your Weekly Schedule: Taming Your Schedule Without Losing Your Mind PDF | WORD
Quadrants Of Time Management: Balancing The Urgent And Important PDF | WORD
Weekly Schedule Sheet: Hour By Hour Breakdown PDF | WORD